Dancing Dinosaur
Name and sound of letter "d"
Spatial Skills - On - Above - Below
Color Skills and Phonemic Awareness

d-dino.jpg (21632 bytes)

Teacher Directions
Read the instructions below
to guide children into coloring
the correct letter d.
Use a colored pencil or crayon.

1.  Color the "d" on his foot yellow
2.  Color the "d" on his cane green
3.  Color the "d" above his nose red
4.  Color the "d" above his tail brown
5.  Color the "d" below his nose orange
6.  Color the "d" below his tail blue

Do you hear the sound of letter "d" - "duh" - at beginning of each picture below - circle yes or no

dime.jpg (3310 bytes)

duck.jpg (6026 bytes) elephant.jpg (3770 bytes)

yes      no

yes      no yes     no yes     no yes     no