Sid Squid
Name and sound of letter " i "
Spatial Skills - on - front - behind - right
Color Skills
Phonemic Awareness

Teacher Directions
Read the instructions below
to guide children toward coloring
the correct letter i.
Use colored pencils or crayons

1. Color the "i" on Sid Squid's head - red

2.  Color the "i" in front of the dish - green
3.  Color the "i" behind the dish - orange
4.  Color the "i" to the right of Sid's face - blue
5.  Color the "i" to the right of the "kid's" pants- red
6.  Color all the other i's on the page - yellow

Do you hear the sound of letter i - "ih" - at beginning of each picture below - circle "yes" or "no"

hen.jpg (22824 bytes)

yes      no

yes     no yes      no yes    no yes    no