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Kind Kangaroo
Name and sound of letter "k"
Spatial Skills - over - under - on - right
Color Skills
Phonemic Awareness

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Teacher Directions
Read the instructions below
to guide children toward
coloring the correct letter "k".
Use a colored pencil or crayon.

1. Color the "k" over the kangaroos head - blue

2. Color the "k" over the kitty - yellow

3. Color the "k" under the "kid" - green
4. Color the "k" on the left kangaroo's tail -brown
5. Color the "k" on the right kangaroo's tail - red
6. Color the "k"
to the right of the kangaroos head - orange

Do you hear the sound of letter K - "kuh" - at beginning of each picture below - circle "yes" or "no"

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yes      no

yes     no yes      no yes    no yes    no